After seven straight weeks of AEW beating NXT in ratings, WWE is looking to score one in the win column and finally win this week in the AEW vs NXT ratings war.

During this weeks RAW episode Triple H announced that the door is open for any superstars from any brand to appear on the show.

RAW, SmackDown and NXT Superstars clash in all-out brawl

The truth is this NXT invasion angle was set up to help boost NXT ratings in their war with AEW.

For almost two months AEW has beaten NXT in ratings and WWE is desperately hoping this week will change that.

WWE officials are going to throw everything they have into this weeks NXT episode and stars from RAW and SmackDown will be appearing.

The current census backstage at WWE is that Vince McMahon and Triple H are “Fed Up” with losing to AEW and the golden brass of WWE are willing to do whatever it takes to beat AEW.

We previously reported that WWE is looking to take NXT on the road in 2020 and this is something WWE feels will significantly help them in the ratings war.

Below is the complete ratings statistics of AEW vs NXT

October 2 Episode: AEW 1.409 NXT 891,000
October 9 Episode: AEW 1.018 NXT 790,000
October 16 Episode: AEW 1.014 NXT 712,000
October 23 Episode: AEW 963,000 NXT 698,000
October 30 Episode: AEW 789,000 NXT 580,000
November 6 Episode: AEW 822,000 NXT 813,000
November 13 Episode: AEW 957,000 NXT 750,000  

Will NXT accomplish their goal or will AEW emerge victorious once again. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.


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