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“Where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

“The issue was the Crown Prince ordered to have the wrestlers get off the plane in retaliation for McMahon cutting off the Crown Jewel TV feed in Saudi Arabia. The issue, arose due to McMahon being owed millions of dollars by the Saudi government for their previous shows. A lot of wrestlers are unhappy about what went down and many have sworn that they would never go back.”

He says he doesn’t know the exact figure that is owed but he’s owed millions of dollars. He added that McMahon retaliated by cutting off the Crown Jewel live TV feed in Saudi Arabia.

The Crown Prince was so upset by the feed being cut off that he ordered to have the wrestlers be taken off Atlas Air just before the plane was about to take off. Savinovich was very clear when he said that this is not a hearsay rumor and he heard this directly from someone who has direct knowledge of the situation.

“If mechanical issues were the real reason for the plane being delayed then McMahon could have easily paid to get his wrestlers on another flight so they could get to SmackDown in Buffalo.”

Source: Former WWE Spanish announcer Hugo Savinovich 


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