In a interview with ESPN’s Ariel Helwani, Triple H was asked why WWE has not announced the absence of Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 36.

“It’s a funny thing. I think you can watch our business in multiple different ways and one of them is the storyline aspect of it. Another way is the online component of it and the reality of it behind it. Roman has his situation and his reasons for doing the things that he’s doing. I will say from our standpoint and the storyline standpoint, it’s going to play out in a unique manner and we want it to play out that way.”

“I don’t want to give away the ending of the movie before the movie takes place. So I just think everybody just has to watch and kind of see how this unfolds but it will unfold in a unique way and I think it will be meaningful. There will always be critics and we’re doing the best we can. It’s our company mission to put smiles on people’s faces. That’s what we’re trying to do in this time when people need to have those smiles. It might not be the perfect product but it is the product and it is what it is now and we’re trying to put those smiles on faces. It’s done with the best of intent.”

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