The Fiend vs Seth Rollins match was a disaster.

A match that the WWE Universe had hoped would be something special for The Fiend character turned into the opposite.

Vince McMahon designed the finish of the Fiend vs Rollins match and when backstage WWE directors/officials found out they tried to tell Vince McMahon that it was not a good idea to book The Fiend match to end in this fashion especially in a Hell In A Cell match.

Paul Heyman who is a big supporter of The Fiend character also tried to “speak up” and convince McMahon that this would be a huge mistake.. and it was.

The Hell In A Cell card was finalized late Saturday/Early Sunday. Which left many wrestlers and producers without enough time to properly prepare for the show.

The Hell In A Cell show did have some bright spots such as the Orton vs Ali and Kabuki Warriors Tag-Team Championship win, but the ending of the show really overshadowed any positive highlights.

The original plan in Vince McMahon’s eyes was to make The Fiend look indestructible and not let Rollins score a pin or submission no matter how many curb stomps or chair/ladder shots were given.

When the match stopped {which was originally designed as a DQ} fans immediately booed the show demanding refunds and chanting AEW.

An angry Hell In A Cell crowd chants for “Refunds”.

Vince McMahon is said to think that The Fiend continuing to pursue WWE Championship Gold is the best course to take and that it would be a sweeter victory once he does become champion.

The WWE Universe was infuriated with the finish and WWE Social Media account pages were bombarded with negative comments.

WWE Social Media Administrators contacted WWE producers {something they are instructed to do in the event of something like this} and WWE quickly announced that the match ended due to “match stoppage” as damage control.

WWE officials have concerns about Seth Rollins as Universal Champion due to his inability to truly get over with fans and become the cool champion that WWE desperately wants him to be.

Seth Rollins Social Media rants on Will Ospreay was also something WWE looks negatively upon because it made the top Champion in the company look insecure and “afraid” of real competition.

WWE is making many mistakes at a time they cannot afford to make especially when the AEW Dynamite show is now fully operational.

Many within the industry have concerns with WWE regardless of how many big money FOX/Saudi Arabia deals they sign because WWE is pushing away fans in droves to AEW.

Vince McMahon is said to be having issues remembering ideas and storylines due to his age which is one of the reasons he keeps tearing up scripts. He is said to be on edge lately due to the AEW launch and he was infuriated that NXT lost to AEW in ratings.

Those in WWE have real concerns for the company once Vince McMahon truly steps down. WWE being sold to foreign investors is something which is being discussed more and more internally.

Seth Rollins vs The Fiend will go down as one of the worst professional wrestling matches in history.

Vince Mcmahon views the situation as that The Fiend did not take a loss yesterday since he was not Pinned or Submitted and there is big money to be made off WWE’s most intriguing character. Something that will protect The Fiend going forward.

WWE will be placing The Fiend in future WWE Championship opportunities and the current plan is for him to continue pursuing WWE Championship Gold.

Times are changing in Professional Wrestling unlike anytime before and WWE is no longer the only major player in the game.

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