Randy Orton and The Fiend literally and figuratively lit the wrestling world on fire at Sunday’s TLC pay-per-view. During the Firefly Funhouse Inferno match Orton and Wyatt did battle in the ring that culminated in one of the most shocking moments in recent WWE memory.

After The Fiend caught fire from the inferno Randy Orton looked to kill The Fiend once and for all and grabbed a canister containing gasoline and proceeded to pour the flammable liquid on a unconscious Fiend. Then with a strike of a match Randy Orton lit WWE’s most evil superstar on fire.

Randy Orton won the match and the TLC pay-per-view ended as if that was the last we will see of The Fiend.. or was it?

While the Firefly Funhouse Inferno match was one of WWE’s most entertaining and suspenseful matches of the year there is now even more information available as SW sources have confirmed that this match is designed for WWE to give The Fiend a updated new look. WWE and especially Mr. McMahon love The Fiend character and new designs are being made for a new mask and costume.

The new mask for The Fiend is more sinister and evil looking and new ring gear is also being drawn up. WWE wants to keep The Fiend character fresh and Vince McMahon wants this superstar to evolve for years to come.

Many WWE superstars such as The Undertaker, Kane, The USO’s and Alexa Bliss just to name a few change their looks over time to remain fresh and exciting to the audience. WWE wants The Fiend character to remain ahead of the curve.

WWE may give it some time before re-introducing this new Fiend look as production delays are currently stalling this project while special effects designers are mainly working from home during the pandemic and sketches and ideas are being sent in via email and online production meetings are the new way of doing business in today’s world. But If the past couple of years are any indication it will be well worth the wait. Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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