“I’m back” that’s all Finn Bálor needed to tweet to let the world know that the real Rock’N’Rolla has returned.

The heel turn was Finn Bálor’s idea and was one of the key reasons for him returning to the NXT brand.

Finn Bálor shocks the WWE Universe

Bálor has always performed much better as a heel and made his name in New Japan Pro Wrestling where he founded “The Bullet Club”. A heel stable that dominated Japan which Bálor was the first leader.

Finn Bálor wasn’t able to play a heel role during his time with WWE and is excited with all the possibilities and match-ups that await.

Triple H is ecstatic with Finn Bálor’s heel turn idea and approved the character change the moment Bálor requested the storyline. Triple H is under immense pressure from Vince McMahon to beat AEW and Finn Bálor’s heel turn has definitely swayed the pendulum back for NXT.

Many viewers wondered if this meant Bálor joining The Undisputed Era and that is not currently the plan as Triple H wants Finn Bálor to shine on his own. The energy vacuum created by the heel turn would take away from Adam Cole’s current role as leader of The Undisputed Era.

Finn Bálor vs Johnny Gargano will be the program going forward.

Finn Bálor’s current opponent wishlist includes

• Johnny Gargano

• Tommaso Ciampa

• Matt Riddle

• Velveteen Dream

Heel Finn Bálor on NXT is just “Too Sweet”. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.


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