The Inner Circle has become a pop culture staple of professional wrestling and besides The Hurt Business The Inner Circle might be arguably the best heel group in all of wrestling.

Founded on October, 9th 2019 by the leader Chris Jericho The Inner Circle has come a long way and the group remains the top heel stable in AEW.

Now in 2021 The Inner Circle is looking to make some changes to freshen up the group. Adding new members has become a hot topic as of late and in 2021 some AEW stars may get a lucky invitation to join The Inner Circle.

Subtracting members has also been discussed by AEW officials and one of the possible programs involve MJF & The Inner Circle turning on Chris Jericho kicking him out the group or the Inner Circle kicking MJF out the group.

Chris Jericho has been planning some time off from active in-ring competition and this storyline would allow Chris Jericho to take some time off to relax and make some music with his band “Fozzy”. We previously reported on this possibility (read below) and Chris Jericho leaving the group would allow for MJF to be pushed to the forefront of The Inner Circle and become AEW’s top heel.

Chris Jericho hand picked MJF and many view him as the next Chris Jericho. AEW is all about creating new stars and this would be a perfect opportunity to do just that with MJF.

The Inner Circle has made their mark on the professional wrestling world and the future evolution of the group is near. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.


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