The NXT show started on Syfy in 2010 and has cultivated and developed numerous big name talents that have moved on to the main roster to main event WrestleMania.

The glory days of NXT had “Demon King” Finn Bálor and Sasha Banks as champions that made the Black & Gold brand the hottest commodity and hottest show in all of WWE.

Now over 10 years later NXT finds themselves in uncharted territory as AEW Dynamite dominated them all 2020 and many NXT stars that were bright stars have since returned from the main roster after having their characters impacted by WWE’s lackluster booking.

Now in 2021 NXT is looking to right the ship and get the brand back on track. Many backstage developments are taking place as you read this and NXT Officials (Triple H, Shawn Michaels, William Regal) are brainstorming on ways to revive NXT.

Slice Wrestling will now give you a sneak peek behind the curtain and shed some light on what is to come for NXT.

• NXT Women’s Tag-Team Titles – Women’s Tag Titles have been brought up numerous times at NXT creative department meetings and now in 2021 fans will see these new titles introduced. The NXT women’s division has more than enough stars to compete for women’s tag-titles and these belts will give more women more opportunities to shine in the spotlight. NXT Women’s Tag-Team titles are being prepared to be officially announced shortly.

• NXT On Tuesday’s – NXT went head-to-head against AEW Dynamite and while they beat them a few weeks AEW dominated them. Now NXT has decided that a move to Tuesday’s will benefit the brand greatly and allow NXT to shine brightly without any competition from the growing AEW. We here at Slice Wrestling believe this is the right path to take for NXT and 2021 will be a much better year for NXT.

• NXT Takeover Tampa (WrestleMania 37 Week)- NXT is preparing for a NXT Takeover Tampa during WrestleMania 37 week. This takeover will take place before WrestleMania nights 1 & 2 and Wednesday & Thursday have been discussed as possible dates including two days for night 1 and night 2 for NXT Takeover Tampa. Triple H and Shawn Michaels are discussing the main event to be NXT Championship Finn Bálor vs Karrion Kross.

It’s exciting to see NXT working in new ideas to refresh the brand and we as fans couldn’t more excited. Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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