Damian Priest is reaching a new level in his professional wrestling career as WWE officials are impressed with Damian’s character evolution and his work with The Judgement Day.

Damian Priest (Luis Martínez) trained at “The Monster Factory”. A professional wrestling school located in Paulsboro, New Jersey owned and operated by Danny Cage. He is also known for his work in Ring of Honor under the ring name Punishment Martinez.

Damian Priest signed with WWE in October 12th, 2018 and was introduced on the NXT brand.

Damian Priest made his main roster debut at the 2021 Royal Rumble, Priest entered at number 14, eliminating John Morrison, The Miz, Elias and Kane before being eliminated by Bobby Lashley.

A day later, Priest made his debut on Raw after being introduced by Bad Bunny during a Miz TV segment, while defeating Miz later that night. On the February 15th episode of Raw, Priest helped Bad Bunny win the 24/7 Championship by knocking out Akira Tozawa, who pinned R-Truth moments ago.

Damian Priest already has held multiple WWE Championships including

• 1x WWE United States Champion
• 1x NXT North American Champion

WWE officials are throughly impressed by Damian Priest’s professionalism, safe in-ring skills and charisma as a member of the The Judgement Day.

WWE officials are pleased with his work with Bad Bunny in making a celebrity with no previous wrestling experience help look so great.

Triple H is planning for Damian Priest to ascend higher in the WWE Universe and WWE officials know that have a huge star in the making that will be with WWE for years to come.

Damian’s real life friendship with Bad Bunny is also beneficial as WWE really values a celebrity as big as Bad Bunny appearing at WWE events. This gives WWE and Damian Priest mainstream media publicity and makes Damian a bigger star.

WWE is planning for Damian Priest to have a strong 2023/2024 in the WWE Universe.

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