AEW officials are in the midst of a possible MJF comeback.

MJF has not been seen since the June 1st Dynamite episode which took after “Double Or Nothing. MJF dropped a scorching promo on Tony Khan asking the AEW CEO to “Fire Him!” Since then there has been no update on the AEW/MJF situation and AEW went as far to remove all MJF merchandise from the AEW store.

Now with ALL OUT WEEK, AEW’s biggest weekend of the year coming up. AEW officials have begun discussing a possible MJF return and if it would be possible.

The original dispute we reported (read below) between MJF and Tony Khan was over a contract re-structure where MJF wanted less years on his AEW deal so he could leave.

Tony Khan refused and froze MJF’s deal which does not allow MJF to get paid or does not allow any time to run off his contract as long as MJF sits home.

After some months have passed and cooler heads have prevailed there is a chance AEW gets MJF to return and AEW officials are hoping sooner rather than later.

AEW officials are realizing that with a blazing hot WWE product, a Triple H led creative department and numerous big name stars headed back to WWE it will become harder for AEW to compete.

AEW is hoping to have MJF back sooner rather than later and one of the offers presented to MJF is a AEW World Championship run and a CM Punk vs MJF II blockbuster match.

As we head towards ALL OUT WEEK AEW is hoping to put on a explosive show with some surprises. Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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