New WWE Co-CEO Stephanie McMahon and New Head Of Talent Relations Triple H are working towards bringing back Sasha Banks and Naomi to WWE.

Ever since Sasha and Naomi walked out of WWE before the May, 16th 2022 Monday Night RAW taping the internet has been in a whirlwind trying to determine the status of both of these WWE superstars. No releases were ever announced and the only thing WWE mentioned was that both of them were suspended indefinitely.

WWE still has not finalized the releases of both Sasha and Naomi and now as Vince McMahon is no longer in power there is word that Sasha and Naomi are trying to determine if they would like to return to this new WWE under Stephanie McMahon and Triple H.

We can confirm both Triple H and Stephanie are both attempting to get both Sasha and Naomi back to WWE and reconcile and heal the business relationships with both women.

Sasha Banks is one of Triple H’s favorite female wrestlers in the world and she was a pivotal star in the original NXT brand. Sasha Banks and Bayley competed in the 2015 first ever 30-Minute Iron Woman match at the very first NXT “TakeOver” and Triple H views that match as one of the main catalyst of his success.

Triple H views Sasha Banks as his “Female Shawn Michaels” and wants to recreate that magic with her again as he is now officially the head of WWE creative.

Sources tell Slice Wrestling that the early word out of the WWE HQ Connecticut offices is that Stephanie/Triple H and Sasha/Naomi are have preliminary discussions on a return. Sasha and Naomi are going to watch and see how this new WWE is operated and will make their decision to return or not soon.

It’s no secret that Sasha Banks never got her due and rightful shine under Vince McMahon. As we previously reported (read below) many WWE SuperStars who never got to reach main events or WWE Championships under Vince McMahon will get a new fresh start under Triple H as he will open the door for many superstars who never got their chance to shine on the big stage.

“Sky’s The Limit”

Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates. Long Live Wrestling.


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