Rey Mysterio is a wrestling legend.

Dominic Mysterio (Rey’s son) is working his way up the ranks in the wrestling game.

WWE is discussing a epic retirement match at WrestleMania that will see Rey pass the torch to his son Dominic.

WWE has their sights on the young new Mysterio protégé as Dominic is only 24 years old. He has been trained by wrestling legend Lance Storm at his wrestling academy in Canada.

WWE is considering Dominic’s ring name to be “Prince Mysterio”.

SAN DIEGO, CA – JUNE 19: Professional wrestler Rey Mysterio and son Dominik Gutierrez pose for a photo prior to the game between the San Diego Padres and the Washington Nationals at PETCO Park on June 19, 2016 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Andy Hayt/SanDiego Padres/Getty Images) ***(Photo by Andy Hayt/SanDiego Padres/Getty Images)

Rey Mysterio vs Dominic Mysterio would make for a tremendous WWE storyline and would surely be a unforgettable WrestleMania moment.

The Mysterio legacy showdown at WrestleMania would surely be a exciting addition to the show. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.


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