The Demon King cometh..

Finn Bálor is one of professional wrestling brightest stars and is the catalyst and mastermind behind some of professional wrestlings greatest ideas.

Finn Bálor is the founder and creator of the Bullet Club and the original leader of the New Japan Pro Wrestling heel faction and is directly responsible for the worldwide popularity of the group before AJ Styles and before Kenny Omega. He is also the creator and master mind behind “The Demon King”; Finn’s alter ego that many pro wrestlers took inspiration from.

Finn Bálor like many other WWE superstars was never really able to surpass the mid-card level and Vince McMahon felt that Bálor’s size and Irish accent was not a star he could push to be the face of WWE like Roman or McIntyre.

As we previously reported (read below) all that has now changed and Triple H will be utilizing his own style and hand picked superstars. Finn Bálor will be one of those hand picked WWE SuperStars that Triple H will be pushing to the main event scene including WWE Universal Championship programs.

Triple H personally recruited Finn Bálor from NJPW and signed him to NXT in 2014. Triple H immediately skyrocketed Bálor to the top of NXT and Finn Bálor was NXT Champion for 212 days. Triple H attributes much of the original “Black & Gold” NXT success to Finn Bálor.

Early Plans call for “The Demon King” character to return at some point in the near future and be dominant once again. Triple H is a huge fan and supporter of the Demon King character and sees huge monetary and marketing value in the Demon King.

At the current moment Triple H is still getting through the planned SummerSlam matches and storylines that Vince McMahon left behind before he resigned. There also that fact that Finn Bálor is also the head of the “Judgement Day” faction and Triple H is currently in the process of re-writing and re-developing many WWE superstars and storylines which may take some time.

“He {Triple H} has to get trough SummerSlam and Clash at the Castle before he can really start making changes to storylines.” a WWE source tells SW.

It’s going to be an exciting future for the WWE Universe and many WWE Superstars and characters will be getting new opportunities.

Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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