The floodgates have opened.

During this week’s AEW Dynamite wild finale we saw Kenny Omega become AEW World Champion when he defeated Jon Moxley in what Jim Ross described in his commentary as a “ScrewJob!”.

After Omega secured the win he and Don Callis ran through the backstage area, passing by AEW wrestlers and personnel toward the exit of the building to a waiting car where Callis announced that the newly crowned AEW World Champion Kenny Omega will be appearing on IMPACT on AXS next week.

We were immediately flooded with inquiries on what exactly just happened. The execution of the angle from the finish to commentary to the camera crew following Omega and Callis passing disgruntled and angry AEW stars and employees was beautifully captured.

Now the question becomes “what happens next? That is a two sided answer as the two promotions will benefit differently from this partnership.

AEW: This partnership becomes a grand opportunity to include the IMPACT “Knockout” women’s division on the AEW programming and this was the main driving force behind AEW’s decision to do business with IMPACT. Some of the stars available to appear on AEW are

• Deonna Purrazo
• Jordynne Grace
• Alisha Edwards
• Taya Valkyrie
• Tenille Dashwood

AEW has been in desperate need of female superstars for their women’s division and with some of these IMPACT female stars being available for upcoming programs AEW will have more options for fans.

AEW and IMPACT will interchange talents on a by need basis but not on a regular basis instead the AEW/IMPACT partnership will see stars coming over for special appearances and for cross brand special matches.

This works brilliantly for AEW in terms of adding huge depth to heir women’s roster and overall talent pool.

IMPACT: For IMPACT this opportunity is a chance to bring in big names such as Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho, The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes.

IMPACT had been looking to boost ratings and having these names appear gives fans a chance to see their favorite stars twice a week.

IMPACT getting more mainstream attention and viewers from this deal will be imperative as they need as much leverage as possible in upcoming TV deal contract negotiations.

Chris Jericho and Don Callis were instrumental in getting this deal done and the AEW office is adamant about getting more promotions to do cross brand events and appearances.

This is a huge deal for both companies and a win-win for both companies. This will be a game changer in regards to how wrestling companies to business in the future. The combinations of matches and talents are endless at this point and one can only begin to conceive what storylines will come out of this extraordinary deal.

AEW knows how deep the WWE roster is and there are going to have to be serious working partnerships like this in the future for AEW to seriously compete. Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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