For the first time in 18 years Sting is back on TNT and this time he’s All Elite.

Sting made his return on the “Winter Is Coming” Dynamite episode this week and sparked an online frenzy that has made fans excited with anticipation on the future of Sting in AEW.

AEW has confirmed that Sting signed a multi-year deal with the promotion that will see Sting remain “All Elite” for the next 2-4 years. The are additional bonuses and incentives that make the AEW deal a much better and lucrative contract than the recent WWE contract he was signed to.

Not only did AEW officials have a huge part in recruiting Sting but TNT officials as well played a pivotal role in negotiations as the network sees Sting as their Stone Cold or Undertaker legend that viewers still to this day associate with the TNT channel.

AEW and TNT are very aware that wrestling fans are still very much Interested in the legend nostalgia acts which is evident by The Undertaker’s “Last Ride” and recent farewell.

TNT is banking on the wrestling fans of the WCW Nitro days to tune in to see their favorite hero from the “Monday Night Wars”.

AEW and TNT are hopeful to drive up ratings for the show and soon overtake RAW and SmackDown in ratings with compelling characters and exciting storylines. The sky is the limit on what AEW has the ability to achieve.

Sting also has a past in IMPACT Wrestling that also became a huge factor in his decision to sign as AEW and IMPACT are on the verge of a new partnership which we will have exclusive details to that story coming up shortly on Slice Wrestling.

Those are the main points of how AEW/TNT/IMPACT are planning to market Sting in his newest chapter now let’s dive into how he will be booked.

The word legend gets thrown around way too easy in this generation but Sting is definitely a bonafide wrestling legend.

AEW will book Sting as such and be protected in his newest chapter of his career. While he is being advertised as a full time talent his in-ring appearances will be saved for the big Dynamite shows and AEW Pay-Per-Views.

AEW and TNT are ensuring that Sting will be protected in the ring and taking less bumps and less risks will be a priority. There may be limited matches Sting is involved with or certain storylines and programs he becomes involved with.

There are already some programs being worked on read below for upcoming Sting storylines.

Sting vs Darby Allin: AEW is looking to make new stars while also mixing in the legend stars and Sting vs Darby Allin is already in the advanced booking stage. Both stars have dark and comic book hero like aura that fits well for this program and the smaller size of Darby Allin makes the physicality of the program safer and easier for Sting to step into the ring with. The face paint and ring gear that both stars don would be a wrestling fans aesthetic delight. Sting as TNT Champion… who better than to hold that title.

Sting vs Cody Rhodes: This program is a marquee drawing magnet as both stars never had a one on one and this match would be an epic storyline for a AEW PPV. Sting never really appreciated any authority figures in any era, wether taking on the “NWO” and Hollywood Hulk Hogan in WCW or battling the “Authority” and Triple H in WWE, Cody Rhodes as EVP and the “Nightmare Family” could be right in the line of fire for Sting.

Sting vs The Dark Order: This program would be a huge opportunity to elevate The Leader of “The Dark Order” Brodie Lee to greater heights and make him a bonafide star. AEW is adamant about making new stars and developing talents beyond their potential. Sting taking on The Dark Order makes for some serious shadowy story telling and the outnumbered Sting against the evil faction The Dark Order would present the perfect opportunity for someone to step in as back up and join forces with Sting… Matt Hardy.

Sting vs Chris Jericho: This would be a epic showdown of colossal proportions. This program featuring Sting taking down the Inner Circle’s dominance in AEW would be a wrestling fantasy come true. Sting picking off Inner Circle members one by one until reaching the underboss MJF and finally reaching the boss Chris Jericho is something straight out of 90’s action movie and we are completely here for it.

Sting has reached a new chapter in his legendary career and this new level to his character is a feel good moment for Sting fans and wrestling fans alike to finally see this legend get the booking he deserves. Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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