Cody Rhodes vs Brock Lesnar is officially set for the BackLash premium live event taking place May, 6th in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Brock Lesnar viscously attacked Cody Rhodes on the RAW after Mania episode in a surprise heel turn.

WWE officials are planning to make the Cody Rhode vs Brock Lesnar very physical and brutal with action taking place in and out the ring.

WWE officials are not 100% decided on putting the title on Cody Rhodes as of now and they see this match as test to see how he does against a physical opponent like Brock Lesnar.

WWE will continue to throw multiple opponent challenges at Cody Rhodes to build up his character and toughness.

WWE officials are also deciding to possibly continue the Cody vs Brock program beyond BackLash.

The road for Cody Rhodes to reach the mountain top will be a long and challenging journey. WWE likes to build up their champions so that when the crowning moment actually does happen it feels like a historic moment.

“Do the work” is one of Cody Rhodes favorite sayings and in WWE he will definitely be doing a lot of it. Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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