Jade Cargill is already making a big impression in the WWE Universe.

On Monday, September 25th WWE officially announced the blockbuster signing of Jade Cargill.

WWE began her training at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL and WWE officials were on-hand to greet her.

WWE ran multiple exorcise and ring training drills including stamina, speed and strength drills.

Jade Cargill {with Triple H} training at the WWE Performance Center

Triple H is personally training Jade Cargill and will be mentoring on her journey. WWE officials want Jade to have a smooth transition as the WWE style is different from the AEW style.

WWE’s ring is also different in size and ropes and this was also shown to Jade Cargill.

“WWE officials were blown away by her natural in-ring ability and mainly her strength.” – A WWE source tells SW

WWE officials are excited about attaining Jade Cargill and with Triple H training her we may see another level to Jade that wrestling fans have not yet seen.

Jade Cargill is bringing excitement to the WWE Universe. Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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