Becky Lynch returned to WWE action after almost 15 months of being out of action. On the May, 11th 2020 RAW, Lynch announced her pregnancy leave and relinquished her RAW women’s title to Asuka.

Now returning to the SmackDown brand after beating Bianca Belair in a controversial squash match, Slice Wrestling was sent numerous complaints and messages from fans not happy with the way WWE ended Bianca Belair championship reign.

Becky Lynch was scheduled to return to WWE action around this time but WWE officials shotgunned Becky’s return and the squash championship win due to the media buzz AEW has been receiving this weekend due to CM Punk’s long awaited return to professional wrestling.

WWE officials felt they needed a return of their own of grand proportions to compete with CM Punk’s return. WWE had been planning the Becky Lynch SummerSlam return (read below) for some time but Becky was supposed to appear before SummerSlam to set up a match. WWE added the surprise return and Women’s championship squash win for Becky Lynch after WWE was informed of AEW’s plans to have Punk return at Rampage the night before SummerSlam.

Vince McMahon knew of CM Punk’s return to AEW but nevertheless was not happy entering SummerSlam on Saturday. WWE is fully aware how fast AEW is catching up to them and major changes are happening behind the scenes at WWE that reflect reactionary responses to AEW’s ever growing star studded roster.

Becky Lynch will now dominate the SmackDown women’s championship. Bianca Belair is scheduled to get a rematch but Becky Lynch will not drop that belt anytime soon.

“The Man” is back in WWE and this should be a significant boost for WWE ratings on the blue brand. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.


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