Cody Rhodes returning to WWE in 2022 was a huge addition the the WWE Universe that sent shock waves into the professional wrestling industry.

Now in 2023 Jade Cargill is the next massive AEW star to make the jump to WWE and Cody Rhodes was a main catalyst in WWE acquiring her.

“Cody was directly involved in getting Jade to sign to WWE.” – A WWE source tells SW

The American Nightmare isn’t done recruiting as there are more top talents being discussed to potentially sign in the near future.

• MJF – Everyone knows that MJF’s contract ends in 2024 and WWE is preparing to offer him a massive multi-million dollar contract. Cody Rhodes has a close friendship with MJF that will serve WWE well in the bidding war of 2024.

• Ricky Starks – Cody and Starks are real life close friends and Ricky Starks joining WWE is being discussed among the WWE corporate offices.

Cody Rhodes is becoming a major factor in AEW stars jumping ship to WWE and his close relationships and mentorship’s of these top talents will be a major factor going into next year as WWE will look to add even more star power to the WWE Universe.

“WWE is realizing how valuable Cody is. Many AEW stars want to follow him to WWE.” – A WWE Source tells SW.

As WWE and AEW continue their pro wrestling war the wrestling fans will benefit as they will have exciting moments and returns to look forward to.

Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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