AEW finally made the right call on Saturday, September 2nd when the company announced the termination of CM Punk.

This came almost exactly one year after the infamous locker room brawl between CM Punk and the ELITE at ALL OUT in the NOW arena in 2022.

CM Punk was allowed to return under the conditions he violated when the incident with Jack Perry took place at ALL IN.

AEW sources informed SW of the pending termination and issues with CM Punk but as we always told we do not like to report on issues such as this because it brings bad publicity to the promotions. Other sites run with this type of news because they only care about their revenue and not the well being of professional wrestling.

AEW sources reiterated to us that CM Punk was actually trying to get fired from AEW and was looking for any opportunity to cause issues and start problems.

AEW sources also informed us that CM Punk wanted to be fired and have his contract to be “Bought out” by Tony Khan so he can collect guaranteed money and leave the company.

All this now is undecided as AEW lawyers will claim that Punk violated the conditions in which he agreed under to return after the first physical altercation at 2022 ALL OUT.

CM Punk and Tony Khan had a heated confrontation at ALL IN in a private dressing room after the altercation with Jack Perry in which CM Punk demand he be fired and physically threatened AEW CEO Tony Khan.

CM Punk got face-to-face with Tony Khan and sources tell us he bumped into Tony or strongly poked his finger into Tony Khan’s chest with demands. At that point it was clear CM Punk needed to leave the company for the survival of the promotion.

Now as AEW looks to the future and beyond AEW sources tell SW that the locker room is more motivated than ever before to move on and just focus on performing and delivering a great product.

The brand split between AEW Dynamite and AEW Collision will now end and was only done to please CM Punk. This makes for even more match-ups and exiting storylines to develop.

Tony Khan is excited about the future of AEW and Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks feel a sense of closure. One AEW source told us “The true spirit of AEW is back and everyone can feel it in the company!”

More pay-per-views are being planned to the point there will be a AEW PPV every month and ALL IN/ALL OUT next year is set to be massive.

AEW sources have indicated to SW that 2024 will be a huge year for the company.

It’s evident that AEW needed to make a change and now with a more positive outlook on the horizon the company, the talent and most importantly the fans can feel it.

Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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