Ciampa is a highly regarded in-ring performer and brawler and is a 2x NXT Champion.

His first run as NXT Champion lasted 238 days and is 1/2 of the NXT fan favorite Tag-Team “DIY” along with his good friend Johnny Gargano who we previously reported (read below) is also in talks to return to WWE.

Now that Triple H has officially taken the mantle from Vince McMahon as the head of WWE Creative he has plans to rejuvenate some of his favorites from NXT.

Ciampa is being rehabilitated and will be presented as a much more serious competitor. Triple H wants Ciampa to re-emerge similar to how he was in NXT and compete on the main roster for WWE Championship opportunities.

Triple H will be moving in the direction of his NXT “Black & Gold” glory days by pushing talents on the main roster with who he has strong belief in and strong relationships with and this will be first of many talents that Vince McMahon didn’t previously use that will now see new opportunities with Triple H.

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