WWE officials have been discussing IYO Sky getting a singles push during recent WWE creative meetings.

IYO Sky (Masami Odate) is a member of Damage CTRL on the SmackDown brand and is a world renowned wrestling talent who’s in-ring skills are truly incredible.

IYO Sky has acquired quite the resume in her professional wrestling career

• 2x WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship (W/Dakota Kai)
• 1x NXT Women’s Championship
• 1x NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship (W/Zoey Stark)
• 2022 Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic (W/Kay Lee Ray)
• 6x Artist of Stardom Championship
• 1x Goddess of Stardom Championship (W/Mayu Iwatani)
• 1x High Speed Championship
• 1x SWA World Championship
• 1x Wonder of Stardom Championship
• 1x World of Stardom Championship
• First Grand Slam Champion
• Artist of Stardom Championship Tournament 2017 (AZM and HZK)
• Goddess of Stardom Championship Tournament 2015 (W/Mayu Iwatani)
• Goddesses of Stardom Tag League 2015 (W/Mayu Iwatani)
• Red Belt Challenger Tournament 2013
• SWA World Championship Tournament 2016

WWE officials were shocked by the Puerto crowd support IYO Sky received in her WWE RAW Women’s Championship match against Bianca Belair.

WWE is also discussing breaking up Damage CTRL (read below) and this would give IYO Sky to receive a monster push.

WWE officials know they have barely scratched the surface into the potential IYO Sky has and the mega star she can become.

WWE is planning IYO Sky to become WWE Women’s Champion in 2023/2024 and plans are in place for her to have a breakout year.

IYO Sky can really be a huge female WWE Superstar and takeover the WWE Women’s Division and the WWE Universe.

Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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