Triple H will be making changes to the style of WWE. Many of these updates will be easier on the overall talent, writing and production teams. During the Vince McMahon regime talent, writing and production team were constantly faced with changes to their work, usually at the last minute.

• WWE SuperStars: Previously WWE Superstars we’re subject to stop-and-go pushes along with 50/50 booking. This in essence meant that unless your name was Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, Charlotte Flair or Becky Lynch you usually were going to win some matches and lose some matches to keep an overalll balanced system of dominance in the WWE Universe. This makes little sense to Triple H, he believes main event WWE super stars should all be dominant. There will also be less name changes and character modifications unless a talent is struggling and is in need of help with their character.

• Writing Team: Vince McMahon was notorious on “tearing up scripts” at the last minute and making overall changes to storylines. Triple H is going to try to be much more consistent with storylines moving forward and make less drastic changes to scripts. There will still many surprises, twist and turns but Triple H will have long-term storytelling plan instead of Vince McMahon’s “erratic moments” type structure. Triple H is a master of long term storytelling and with the right talent and writing team he will have the WWE Universe eating out their hands.

Smoother NXT to WWE Main roster transition: Plenty NXT superstars have experienced rough waters upon arriving on the main roster and few have found real WWE Championship success on the main roster after being called up. Triple H wants to make sure that the strong NXT superstars that get called up remain strong and don’t lose their star power on the main roster.

• Television Production: If you ever seen an episode of RAW or SmackDown and suffered a headache from watching rapid camera cuts you can blame Kevin Dunne. He is the main WWE television producer and is controlling the camera cuts from the TV Truck that leave viewers dizzy. Triple H will be doing less of this as he himself can’t stand that style of production and many within WWE believe that Kevin Dunne as a whole might be leaving the company now that Vince McMahon is gone. Triple H I said to be experiencing with new camera angles on the main roster which will help present his style of pro wrestling programming.

Commentators/Banned words and terms: Vince McMahon was notorious for banning certain words from on-air WWE programming some of these terms are

Our Industry
Pro Wrestling
Pro Wrestler
The Title is on the Line
House Show
Title Shot (It’s An Opportunity)
Sports Entertainment
Title Changing Hands
Title Match
The Business

Vince McMahon strictly forbid the WWE announcers to not say these words on air. Triple H will be least strict on the commentating teams allowing to freely express themselves. WWE Commentating teams have already felt the relief of pressure since Vince McMahon has resigned who would yell at the announcers via their headsets.

It is a new era in WWE and Triple H is planning on making significant changes to WWE programming which all will benefit the viewers. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.


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