The war is on!

NXT invaded SmackDown this past week in what was a wrestling fans dream plot-line.

WWE has wanted to plan a NXT invasion angle for quite some time and with the NXT brand now on the USA network the timing was just right.

WWE’s intention is to officially portray NXT as a 3rd main roster brand and to shed the old notion that NXT is a “Developmental” brand.

The build to Survivor Series is expected to be epic as WWE plans for RAW, SmackDown and NXT Stars all to invade opposing brands.

• RAW & SmackDown Stars will bring the war to NXT invading Full Sail University.

• RAW & SmackDown Stars will invade each other’s brands.

• NXT Stars will invade RAW & SmackDown.

Triple H is all aboard the invasion angle and he and Vince McMahon have sorted the issue of balancing the wins/losses between RAW, SmackDown and NXT.

WWE also will look to build up NXT more prominently and they feel the Survivor Series build will help boost NXT Television ratings in their “Wednesday Night War” with AEW.

Survivor Series takes place November, 24th from the All State Arena in Chicago, IL

Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.

RAW, SmackDown And NXT Set To Do Battle At Survivor Series


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