WWE and IMPACT have opened “The Forbidden Door” (a term used by wrestling fans when two promotions work together) as IMPACT Knockouts World Champion Mickie James is officially entered into the 2022 Royal Rumble.

WWE and IMPACT had been discussing cross brand plans for a few months before the official announcement came out and Mickie James will be a “research experiment” to gauge how the WWE Universe will react to IMPACT stars appearing on WWE programming.

WWE Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer of WWE, Inc. Vince McMahon also is personally overseeing this and wants to make sure Mickie James is treated with respect and appreciativeness she deserves as she was released from WWE back in April 2021. Mickie was furious after WWE had sent her possessions in a trash bag and posted pictures on social media which also enraged wrestling fans. Mickie James received a public apology from Stephanie McMahon, as well as Triple H announcing that the staff member responsible had been fired.

Vince McMahon sees this as a way to to make amends with Mickie James as he does not agree with the way her release was handled.

This new working relationship between WWE and IMPACT will open other opportunities for stars from both brands to appear on programming. WWE and IMPACT are currently in the process of discussing the possibility of more IMPACT stars to appear in the Royal Rumble matches.

A open door policy between WWE and IMPACT will also give opportunities for former released WWE Superstars to possibly find a new start with IMPACT and improve on certain areas of their character. This will also give opportunities to IMPACT stars looking to make a bigger splash to appear on WWE shows.

The future is really bright and 2022 will be revolutionary year for the world of professional wrestling. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.


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