WWE is preparing to sell the company within the next two years, possibly 18 months sources within WWE have confirmed to Slice Wrestling.

These preparations for a sale which we originally previously reported in June 2021 (read below) has been in secret for over a year now and even more details have been revealed to us about the future of WWE.

“WWE is preparing the company for a sale” a WWE source tells SW. Nick Khan the WWE President & Chief Revenue Officer has been “padding the books” by cutting costs and releasing big name talent like Ric Flair, Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman and others who had million dollar plus contracts in a effort to make WWE more profitable.

WWE is clearing house and streamlining their roster of superstars and office staff with releases and layoffs to cut back on payroll spending and increase the profit margin to make WWE look attractive as possible.

The current potential buyers are NBC, FOX and now Disney who have entered the discussions to possibly buy WWE within 24 months maybe sooner.

Disney’s net worth at $122.18 Billion Dollars is a major contender in this WWE sale and would make Vince McMahon an offer of around $4 Billion or more to buy WWE.

Internally the higher ups at WWE know that this is rapidly approaching and movements are being made to prepare WWE for this sale. Disney would take over all operations if sold and content would move to Disney Plus after the current deal with Peacock end.

WWE has always wanted to sell to Disney as they offer the most money when acquiring companies. Disney paid more than $4 Billion for Star Wars in 2012 and $4 Billion for Marvel in 2009. WWE would be somewhere in this range.

WWE Officials no longer care about putting out an exciting product as their main focus is cutting cost and preparing WWE for a sale. This would explain the recent lack of effort to re-sign big stars such Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole and the lack of effort to the current WWE storylines as the company shifts their focus to profits and cost cutting.

Vince McMahon knows that WWE as we know it will soon be different and at his age he no longer has the physical strength or mental strength to sustain a successful wrestling company let alone go to war with AEW.

As WWE moves closer to a sale and AEW becomes King of pro wrestling a new era in wrestling is among us. Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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