Raquel Rodriguez has had an impressively dominant start to her young career. She has dominated WWE women’s tag-team championship winning both the NXT and WWE Women’s Tag-Team Championships in 2022.

Now WWE is planning to display Raquel’s power and strength at the 2023 Royal Rumble.

The Royal Rumble historically is a premier event where up and coming WWE SuperStars can breakthrough performances.

Now WWE is planning to give Raquel Rodriguez a huge showing at the 2023 Royal Rumble and be dominant by eliminating multiple WWE Superstars.

The current all-time record for most eliminations in a single Royal Rumble match is 8 by Bianca Belair and Shayna Basler.

WWE would like Raquel Rodriguez to have multiple eliminations in the Women’s Royal Rumble match and may come close to breaking the all-time record.

Triple H is a huge fan of Raquel Rodriguez and wants to push to greater heights in 2023.

Raquel Rodriguez is a new era superstar and her time will soon be here. Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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