“WWE was rocked by ALL OUT” is how a source described WWE after the spectacular AEW show this past weekend in Illinois.

WWE officials and the WWE locker room had no answers for AEW as Bryan Danielson, Adam Cole and Ruby Soho all made their spectacular AEW debut’s.

Many WWE talent saw this as a “changing of the guard” in the pro wrestling industry and there are a lot of unhappy WWE talent right now who are watching stars in AEW thrive and flourish and feel like they are missing the boat.

WWE officials are bringing up AEW in business and creative meetings and the meteoric rise of AEW has become a clear and present threat to WWE.

WWE officials have pleaded with Vince McMahon to make some changes to the WWE product (especially RAW) in a effort to create a more exciting product which has fallen on the deaf ears of Vince McMahon.

“He {Vince} does not listen to anybody.” and “He’s {Vince} too set in his ways, he doesn’t change.” are just some of the concerns being expressed by the WWE locker room.

The backstage locker room morale is at an all-time low in WWE right now and many WWE superstars are petrified for the future of the company as ratings continue to fall and AEW popularity continues to rise.

The re-branding of NXT is also a major point of concern for the entire WWE main roster locker room as many are watching colleagues and friends in NXT deal with an entire new transformation of that brand. Some feel that what is happening to NXT is a sign of the lack of direction in WWE.

Another major issue WWE talent is scared to death of is the new cost cutting business model by Nick Khan. Everything is being scaled down to cut costs including releasing talent in waves which make WWE superstars insecure no matter how big their name is.

The infamous WWE catering has also been removed and WWE superstars now must eat food provided by the venue which is usually unhealthy and processed fast food. WWE Superstars are complaining that for talent who relies on physics this food is unsuitable for them to eat. WWE Officials say a new “scaled down” catering is coming in the near future.

WWE has been dealing with challenges well before AEW even existed but AEW has accelerated and magnified these issues and they have become the fan favorite.

There will many major changes coming to WWE in the near future. Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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