Sasha Banks is the “Blueprint” of professional women’s wrestling and the standard bearer by who many consider the best women’s wrestler alive.

Bianca Belair is the superstar rookie, trailblazing her way to top with her world class athletic skills and flashy style.

This match has written itself and needs little hype or promotion to see that WWE Universe fans are anticipating this star studded match-up.

WWE officials are high on the rookie Bianca Belair and feel her look and athletic powers are second to none. WWE is looking to make Belair a major player in the Women’s Division and are planning to build her up slowly in preparation to face Banks.

Sasha will likely be in a program with Carmella for the upcoming weeks and WWE is quietly setting the stage for the Belair vs Banks matchup.

WWE officials feel the young Bianca will benefit greatly with a match with Sasha and this would be an excellent driving force to make Bianca Belair famous.

WWE is being careful with not pulling the trigger too soon with Bianca Belair and instead will be building her up strongly while at the same time keeping Belair and Banks separate.

WWE knows they have money on their hands with this match up and are looking to capitalize big time on the opportunity. Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates


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