The 2023 WWE Draft was officially announced by WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H during last week’s SmackDown episode.

WWE is discussing for this years draft to be significant in the sense that major names are expected to move brands.

WWE is discussing for superstars from RAW, SmackDown and NXT to all be involved in this years draft. WWE is looking to make a splash with this event.

WWE is actively having discussions with USA and FOX network executives to identify what they would like to see more of on each show.

One of the main objectives is to get a Men’s World Championship on each brand and WWE officials have been brainstorming on how to go about this situation.

One of the concepts is for a new championship belt to be introduced to the WWE Universe and is something that WWE has been actively discussing for the previous few months.

Another option is for Roman Reign to relinquish a title to the other brand and keep one title for himself, likely the WWE Universal Championship as a way to continue his reign and history making run towards 1000 days.

WWE is looking at this draft as an opportunity to give up and coming stars an opportunity to be showcased more prominently and be given a stronger push. WWE has also discussed for some current tag-teams to be separated in the draft as a way to push some members as single stars.

The WWE draft is set to change the landscape of the WWE Universe and it will be a fresh take on the rosters as we enter a new year in the WWE television programming.

Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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