The biggest event of the Summer for World Wrestling Entertainment is headed to Las Vegas, Nevada taking place at the Allegiant Stadium on August, 21

WWE had not been holding live events for most of 2020 and 2021. WWE is looking to make a big splash with SummerSlam by bringing in a huge crowd at Allegiant as the seating capacity for that venue seats 65,000.

WWE officials are actively discussing big names to appear on the Pay-Per-View to help WWE draw a sold out crowd for SummerSlam.

Big WrestleMania type matches are in the works as Vince McMahon has personally called in major WWE heavy hitters and WWE Legends to appear on the show.

WWE has also been discussing the current ratings decline of the product and is fully aware that AEW is inching closer every single week. WWE is looking at SummerSlam as the “turning point” for the company as the WWE Universe should expect big names and a few surprises for the show.

The summer months are usually a downtime for WWE but as August gets closer and we move towards SummerSlam business should pick up after with Survivor Series and the Royal Rumble in the coming months. Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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