WWE is discussing Demon King Finn Bálor vs Brood Edge at a upcoming premium live event.

The Judgement Day have been feuding with Edge for the recent months and now the leader of The Judgement Day Finn Bálor may be bringing back his alter ego “Demon King”.

Edge has also brought back his dark character from his era as leader of the “Brood” for certain matches when needed.

WWE feels that both of these “dark” characters on a collision course towards each other would be a great story to tell and both characters would be a great matchup for the WWE Universe.

A match at WrestleMania has been mentioned as the most likely event to feature this match and stipulations added to this match has also been discussed. A Hell In A Cell match has been mentioned and with these two dark characters clashing, a Hell In A Cell is the perfect setting for this showdown.

Finn Bálor has been waiting for the right moment to bring back the “Demon King” character and against “Brood” Edge would make the perfect opportunity.

Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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