WWE Discussing Edge Retirement Plans And Opponents, Backstage Details And More

WWE has begun discussing retirement plans for Edge at recent creative meetings.

Edge is one of pro wrestling’s legendary characters. From the “Rated R SuperStar” to “The Brood”, Edge has always been able to evolve at different stages of his career.

Edge made his WWE debut on the June 22nd Monday Night RAW episode in 1998.

Now after 25 years in WWE, Edge is looking to have a grand finale on his way to retirement.

WWE has discussed numerous scenarios for Edge to retire on a high note including a special event at the August 18th SmackDown taking place from Toronto, Canada and a possible retirement match at WrestleMania 40.

As far as final matches are concerned WWE has previously mentioned the following superstars.

• Austin Theory – WWE is high on Austin Theory and his athleticism. His fresh/clean look and brash style is appealing to WWE officials. Theory retiring Edge would certainly catapult him to an entirely different level.

• Randy Orton – RKO and Edge have historic careers and an Edge retirement match between these two would certainly make for a historic moment in the WWE Universe.

• Rey Mysterio – WWE has also discussed one of Edge’s final matches to take place against Rey Mysterio. The storied history of the two legends writes itself.

• Finn Bálor – Bálor and Edge share history from The Judgement Day storyline. Finn Bálor as one of Edge’s final opponents would certainly be an exciting event.

WWE is planning a grand finale for Edge and his storied career and the WWE Universe fans will be treated to a special moment. Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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