The return of CM Punk to WWE is now a reality as we first reported (read below) on September 24th 2023.

We are currently on our hiatus but due to many inquiries we felt our readers deserved this report. Consider this an appetizer to hold you over until dinner time.

CM Punk and WWE have officially signed contracts for multi-million and multi-years. Now the discussions have become on to what kind of programs CM Punk will have.

There will most certainly be a CM Punk vs Seth Rollins program in the upcoming months as the two have wanted to work with each other for the longest. The two are both from Illinois is also a connection that brings them to together.

WWE has also discussed for CM Punk to move into a slow burn heel character as that would make the most sense since he really returned to make money and not friends. A corporate CM Punk would be a hot act and would certainly set the WWE Universe on fire.

WWE officials have begun discussing CM Punk as a potential Royal Rumble match winner and going on to face the World Heavyweight Champion on WrestleMania 40 Night 1.

WWE is adamant that CM Punk remain conducting himself on a professional level as WWE will not tolerate him acting the way he did in AEW. WWE has strong corporate policies in place for its signed talents and employees which is something that is missing in AEW.

Besides the money a dream match that had always eluded CM Punk is Stone Cold Steve Austin and sources in WWE tell SW that a potential blockbuster match between the “Best In The World” and the “Texas Rattle Snake” is on the table if both wrestlers can agree to the match.

A major payday for Stone Cold Steve Austin awaits and this pursue of the Dream Match will also help keep CM Punk focused on his goals and career.

WWE officials are discussing for this match to take place at an upcoming WrestleMania and early “feelers”have been sent out to gauge the possibility of this dream match to take place. Steve Austin usually has the right to select his opponents and CM Punk has always been on his list as well.

CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin came close to a fued during the promotion of WWE 2K13 when the two superstars faced off in a interview hosted by Jim Ross (watch below)

WWE officials are also pursuing this match to take place at WrestleMania due to the sheer amount of hype, ratings, tickets sold and merchandise draws that this dream match will generate.

Stone Cold Steve Austin last wrestled at WrestleMania 38 against Kevin Owens in Texas and keeps himself in great wrestling condition. A few million dollars to wrestle CM Punk for 20 minutes at WrestleMania is a great offer for Stone Cold Steve Austin.

CM Punk vs Stone Cold Steve Austin would set the WWE Universe on fire and the wrestling world would see history take place.

SW is always here and you will be pleased to see the future of SW as the future is Red..

Stay tuned to SW of the latest updates.

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