The first casualties of the “Wednesday Night Wars” are.. Jay & Silent Bob.

AEW is off to a ferocious start and WWE is not thrilled.

Kevin Smith alongside Chris Jericho recently appeared on the Rich Eisen show, and discussed the launch of AEW.

Kevin Smith revealed that WWE pulled the plug on a scheduled Friday Night SmackDown appearance for Jay & Silent Bob.

“We were supposed to go do WWE, me and Jay, the very next day, which was Friday.”“Was it Friday? SmackDown. And then the morning after, because we were on the AEW show, it trended, like, there was a lot of coverage and stuff. So the next morning we were told that WWE was like, ‘You can’t come on anymore,’ and they canceled us. – Kevin Smith

Chris Jericho and Kevin Smith discuss the AEW launch and being banned by WWE

AEW vs WWE looks like it’s going to be a ton of fun. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.


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