CM Punk is officially a free agent and the wrestling world has begun discussing where the “Cult Of Personality” star will appear next.

SW reached out to both WWE and AEW sources regarding this topic and here is what we discovered..

AEW sources indicated that CM Punk is indeed done with AEW and is looking for a buyout as we previously reported (read below) and that CM Punk’s legal team is in the middle of a legal litigation with AEW’s legal team in relation to his remaining contract.

This legal situation could take days or months depending on how both sides end up agreeing, CM Punk wants full buyout from his remaining AEW contract which could be almost $6 million dollars and AEW is arguing he violated terms and conditions when the physical altercation happened at ALL IN.

Now on to the WWE side;

SW’s WWE sources indicated to us that CM punk and Triple H have had multiple conversations over the last two years, and it was reiterated to us that CM Punk and UFC actually have a very good relationship.

UFC and WWE which is both owned by Endeavor will play a huge part in this as they are ultimately calling the shots with all things WWE/UFC.

Here is where all this becomes very interesting..

In April 2023 CM Punk randomly showed up backstage at an episode of Monday Night RAW in Chicago. It is said that WWE talents “allowed” Punk backstage where he briefly spoke with the Miz and Triple H, it is here where he expressed his desire to return to WWE and asked if he could speak with Hunter privately.

Triple H proceeded to tell him “Let me check with the big guy {Vince McMahon}” to see if CM Punk was allowed to stay back stage at WWE RAW.

WWE security later told CM Punk he needed to leave the premises and CM Punk proceeded to leave. It is indicated to us that WWE and CM Punk remained in contact and that WWE understood he wants back in.

WWE sources have indicated to us that WWE is open to a CM Punk return under certain behavior conditions and that if it makes perfect business sense.

Vince McMahon, Triple H and Nick Khan are currently discussing the possibility of CM Punk returning and Endeavor is also being informed of this current development.

If CM Punk and WWE can come to a deal, Survivor Series 2023 which takes place in Chicago, IL and the 2024 Royal Rumble are two most discussed WWE events for CM Punk to make his long awaited to return to the WWE Universe.

You never say never in the world of wrestling and CM Punk returning to WWE is definitely a possibility.

Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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