Big changes are coming to WWE television and plans are being laid out for each brand going forward.

With NXT on USA and SmackDown On FOX, WWE has been required to make proper adjustments for the upcoming changes.

A firm brand split is expected to return in time for the SmackDown on FOX premier on October, 4th.

WWE will keep RAW and SmackDown rosters separate. While RAW and NXT may interchange stars from time to time as run-ins or special appearances.

WWE is discussing moving some RAW and SmackDown stars to NXT which we’ve recently seen with Tyler Breeze and Fandango. This will help stars stuck in limbo with no creative plans to have a more featured slot on NXT.

These changes will keep the rosters separate from each other and each brand to have its own identity.

“Shake-Ups” and/or “Drafts” will take place once or twice a year to keep rosters fresh.

SmackDown premiers on FOX October, 4th at 8pm ET

NXT premiers on USA September, 18th at 8pm ET


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