WWE wants WrestleMania to reach the level of the SuperBowl some point and plans are in place to attempt this goal.

WWE has recently announced major musical performances for WrestleMania 40 weekend including Lil Wayne and Meek Mill.

WWE also wants as much celebrity and mainstream media guests as possible as a way to have WrestleMania reach SuperBowl levels of success and mainstream media revenue.

The SuperBowl made $695 million in ad revenue in 2024 and WWE is looking to capitalize on this opportunity.

WWE already has multiple sponsors that pay for ads including Snickers, Pepsi and Prime energy drink.

“WWE is looking to have a blockbuster WrestleMania they are calling in major movie stars and celebrities they want to get larger every year.” – A WWE Source tells SW.

“Their ultimate goal is to be at the level of the SuperBowl.”

WrestleMania is reaching epic levels of entertainment and we are excited for the future of pro wrestling.

Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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