Kofi Kingston days as WWE Champion are no more.

Brock Lesnar destroyed Kofi Kingston in a 5 second squash match on the Friday Night SmacKDown on FOX Premier.

Many WWE fans were upset at WWE’s decision to not give Kofi a respectable title defense on such a big stage, and we here at Slice Wrestling received numerous complaints on the booking decision.

Backstage in WWE it was known that Brock Lesnar was moving to SmackDown to become the “Face” and Champion of Friday Night SmackDown. You can read our previous report on Brock below.

WWE’s intention was to give Brock Lesnar a huge title win on one of WWE’s most important nights in company history. FOX officials have requested for SmackDown on FOX to be a more real-sports show and the pressure is on WWE to deliver 3 Million Viewers per week.

FOX officials were sitting front row and WWE pulled out the big stars to put on a impressive premier.

The question now is what becomes of Kofi Kingston?

By this generations standards Kofi Kingston did have a outstanding title run. Kofi held the WWE Championship for 180 days from WrestleMania 35 on April, 7th 2019 to the SmackDown on FOX Premier October, 4th 2019.

This title run solidified Kofi Kingston’s legacy in professional wrestling and was a sign of appreciation by WWE for all the years of entertainment, hard work and loyalty.

Kofi Kingston is a future WWE Hall Of Famer and he will likely be inducted twice, once as a single inductee and again as a member of The New Day.

The New Day will likely move to together in the draft as they remain one of WWE’s top merchandise sellers.

The New Day moving to RAW in the Draft has been discussed lately but a strong Tag-Team and singles run on SmackDown is what we feel would be best, especially on a big network like FOX. Future planned Championship opportunities for the New Day members are being developed mainly involving Big E which we will drop a report in the upcoming weeks.

The WWE Universe is set “To Feel The Power” for many years to come. Stay Tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.


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