Charlotte Flair is undeniably the greatest female professional wrestler of all-time.

She has captured more world championship gold than any other women in history and now WWE has even bigger plans for Charlotte Flair to become a modern day living legend.

As of right now Charlotte Flair has the following championships

• WWE RAW Women’s Championship 6x
• WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship 7x
• WWE Diva’s Championship 1x

14x total world championships

Charlotte is only 2 more championships away from tying her father’s Ric Flair 16x world championship legacy.

WWE has always had the plan to have Charlotte Flair surpass her father in championship legacy and making a historic moment a top attraction on a major show to celebrate the accomplishment.

WrestleMania 41 or 42 is the possible planned events for this moment to take place and WWE will surely make a spectacle of this achievement.

Plans for a 17x championship win has picked up steam in recent WWE creative meetings at the WWE headquarters in Connecticut as Charlotte Flair has become serious about participating in professional bodybuilding competitions.

WWE wants to make sure they have Charlotte Flair in WWE for enough time to get to 17x World Championships if she leaves for a bodybuilding career.

Charlotte Flair already is The GOAT female wrestler and adding 17x World Championship wins to her achievements just makes her even more out of reach for all other female wrestlers.

The Queen is on a supreme level in the WWE Universe, long may she reign. Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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