LA Knight is arguably the most over WWE SuperStar besides only Roman Reigns, The Bloodline and Cody Rhodes.

His organic rise to stardom is phenomenal and likened to the Daniel Bryan “Yes Movement” and Kofi Kingston’s “KofiMania”. A rare situation where a superstar gets super hot with the WWE crowd and they support that star feverishly.

WWE officials are fully aware of Knight’s overwhelming popularity and they monitor his merchandise sales to track his sales.

While most WWE officials do think highly of LA Knight there is one major voice who does not think he is WWE World Champion material.

“Vince McMahon does not think Knight is a marketable character.” – a WWE source tells SW

As anyone will tell you if Vince McMahon does not give you the golden seal of approval your character will not go very far.

Current creative plans include LA night to contend for mid card titles. WWE has discussed LA night to contend for the United States and/or Intercontinental Championship and these mid card championship matches are in the works.

Triple H is a supporter of LA Knight and while Vince McMahon does not yet see the talent of LA Knight other WWE officials believe in the movement of Knight and want to capitalize on his momentum to see if he can draw big merchandise and ticket sales.

Stay tuned to SW for the latest s updates.


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