Roman Reigns is one of WWE’s biggest superstars and ever since the Big Dog pulled out of WrestleMania 36 due to health concerns over the covid-19 virus many WWE fans have wondered where is Roman?

Roman Reigns is a Leukemia survivor and the decision not to compete at WrestleMania 36 was strictly a personal decision over the fear of being potentially immunocompromised.

There were rumors online about WWE having “heat” with Roman over the fact he didn’t appear at WrestleMania but that is completely not true. In fact WWE supports Roman’s decision and is putting all of his booking plans in a freezing pattern so that when he returns he will have programs already lined up.

As for a expected WWE return date, no one knows when that will happen and that decision will be made by Roman Reigns himself. The sensical estimation would be when the Corona Virus pandemic dies down and that is up to anyone’s guess.

As always we will update you when his return is near. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest and greatest wrestling news.


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