Triple H is working on making the WWE Women’s division to be exciting again. Hunter feels the WWE Women’s Division is not what it once was and WWE officials are hard at work with trying to come up with new ideas to WWE Women’s wrestling explosive.

Triple H along with Stephanie McMahon feel that the WWE Women’s division is superior and has a clear advantage over other wrestling promotions and wants to get back to making the women featured parts of WWE television.

Stephanie McMahon was a big reason the all-women’s “Evolution” was created and wants to see if there is a opportunity to create “Evolution 2”.

As we exclusively first reported (read below) Triple H has already begun the process of re-building the WWE Women’s roster by trying to bring back Sasha Banks and Naomi. He has also brought back Bayley, Dakota Kai and Io Shirai (IYO Sky) as a heel stable and also has Becky Lynch as a face returning to her “Man” character.

WWE is also looking at getting the WWE Women’s Tag-Team Championships back in place.

Triple H and Stephanie are huge supporters of women’s wrestling and with both of them in power now WWE fans should be glad to know that the WWE Women’s division is making a comeback. Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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