It’s official, CM Punk is ALL ELITE.

The deal (which is highly lucrative) had actually been in motion for a few months now and we teased this signing (read below) when “ALL OUT” was announced with a full capacity crowd.

AEW officials and Punk had been discussing a in-ring return for quite some time and if it had not been for the pandemic in 2020 we may already have seen his return.

AEW Officials wanted to make sure that CM Punk’s return would be in front of a packed crowd and even more perfect in Chicago.

CM Punk will have creative input on his character and storylines and Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks were all instrumental in getting CM PUNK to sign the AEW contract.

AEW and CM Punk are in advanced discussions to have CM Punk make his AEW debut at the Chicago “Rampage” or “ALL OUT” and his first program to be with Darby Allin. Which is who Punk personally selected.

The goal right now is to make ALL OUT the biggest and most talked about wrestling show of the year and with Punk the hype will now reach epic proportions as tickets have already sold out and this would make that event a even hotter ticket.

AEW is looking to beat WWE in 2022 and overtake the older company as the premier juggernaut in the pro wrestling industry. AEW is on a tear right now and with this signing expect AEW to reach even higher heights in the coming months.

Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.


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