Seth Rollins isn’t exactly “Burning it down”.

The WWE Universal Champion is running into difficulties getting over with audiences.

Fan interest in Seth Rollins is at a all-time Low with recent merchandise numbers reflecting poor sales the last 90 days.

The horrendous Hell In A Cell match versus The Fiend also damaged Rollin’s character and WWE feels they have indirectly sabotaged his Universal Title run.

Fans have 100% turned on Rollins at this point and Wrestling fans are set in their decision that they will boo Seth Rollins regardless of the match.

WWE is having difficulty figuring out what booking decisions to make next for “The King Slayer”.

If all else fails WWE has also considered a “Heel Turn” for Seth Rollins in which he previously flourished in a “Bad Guy” role.

WWE is looking into all possibilities to make Seth Rollins a crowd favorite champion. Stay Tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.


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