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You called. We answered.

We have received tons of inquires regarding the MJF/AEW situation and even though we are on our off-season we would never leave you hanging.

As we approach AEW’s pay-per-view event “Double Or Nothing” the wrestling community has been set ablaze the last month with wrestlers walking out of company’s starting with Sasha Banks and Naomi and now seemingly MJF.

We contacted sources close to the situation to find out exactly what is going on to give a clearer perspective to the situation.

As of today MJF and AEW are in a standstill. The situation has been brewing for the past months and the idea is MJF is using the big “Double Or Nothing” weekend to possibly leverage a new deal.

“MJF had asked Tony Khan to re-structure his deal and Tony isn’t going for it.” A source close to the situation tells Slice Wrestling.

MJF also isn’t willing to sign a new deal due to the fact that he has major interest from WWE which we reported years ago (read below) on December 1st 2020 before anyone.

WWE is willing to give MJF a multi-million dollar deal and book him as one of the brightest stars of the company if he would switch sides and sign with WWE.

MJF is intrigued by the fact of joining WWE and wants to hear their offer before signing a new contract anywhere.

Tony Khan has made it clear to the top AEW officials that he will not be releasing MJF from his contract regardless of the situation and if need be will freeze his deal or sit him at home.

Tony Khan is adamant about not releasing his top talent which WWE will certainly sign up. Tony Khan wants to solve the issues internally before letting anyone walk.

Another interesting point to be made is that MJF is considering walking out of “Double Or Nothing” weekend but certain veteran wrestlers have reached out to him to advise that this would not be professional and may hurt his image in the long run. AEW has already come up with a back up plan for his opponent Wardlow in the event MJF leaves Las Vegas.

AEW has all the power right now in this situation due to MJF’s contract still active until 2024. AEW will not release him and may not even feature him on AEW television if this situation does not improve.

One side will have to budge and AEW will not be the ones. These type of situations are never good for professional wrestling and the fans are ones that end up hurting.

Cody Rhodes leaving AEW has affected them to a point and now they must find a way to adapt and evolve. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.


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