‪WWE has many annual traditions, the big four pay-per-views in one of them but there are other yearly WWE traditions that the public rarely knows about. ‬

‪One of those secret traditions is that WWE have made the WrestleMania signs bigger each year and they have no plans of stopping anytime soon. ‬

‪WWE production measures and makes the WrestleMania signs in feet according to the number of that years WrestleMania and adds a foot of unit measure to each years sign. ‬

‪The WrestleMania 36 sign is 36 feet ‬
‪• WrestleMania 35 = 35 feet ‬
‪• WrestleManis 34 = 34 feet ‬
‪• WrestleMania 33 = 33 feet ‬
‪• WrestleMania 32 = 32 feet ‬

The WrestleMania 20 sign was the first sign ever produced and was measured at 20 feet.

‪This years WrestleMania sign is already huge, can you imagine a WrestleMania 50 sign that is 50 feet! It will sure be a sight to see. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest and greatest wrestling news. ‬


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