There are certain topics we here at Slice Wrestling refuse to report on and Professional Wrestlers releases are one of them.

Why ?
1. It’s their personal livelihood business and media putting out false/incorrect information can create problematic narratives that could land the talent in hot water with their employer.

2. Only the talent themselves know for certain what they wish to do with their lives.

The Malakai Black/AEW situation is a perfect example. Weeks ago certain sites (who shall remain nameless) reported that Malakai Black was unhappy and wanted out of AEW. Fast forward to AEW ALL OUT and The House Of Black gathered together as what seemed to be a goodbye after a deafest from Sting, Darby and Miro.

Shortly after claims spread that Malakai Black was leaving AEW and wanted to sign back with WWE due to Triple H taking over head of creative.

Now Malakai Black has put those rumors to bed after going on IG Live (watch below) and clearing the air.

AEW fans will be excited with a healthy Malakai Black returning soon to AEW to led the House Of Black. Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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