WWE Champion Drew McIntyre will be relentless in trying to get his homeland the U.K. a WWE pay-per-view.

While speaking to the ScotsMan Drew McIntyre says he will be harassing WWE Chairman Vince McMahon until this happens.

McIntyre: “The UK has some of the most passionate loyal fans. The superstars look forward to it because they don’t understand why the crowds are so rowdy – we have football crowds who chant, go mental, get drunk, it’s home for me, but for the rest of the superstars they think it’s cool to get over – my goal is to make it happen in future and it’s going to happen because I’m gonna harass [WWE chief executive] Vince McMahon until it does. I talk a lot of crap online with Tyson Fury and Chris Sutton in particular – but whatever it takes to get the UK a significant PPV I’ll do. I have plans that I won’t mention publicly but the big one I will, and the one that WILL happen, is getting a WWE PPV back to the UK.”

The U.K. is deserving of a WWE PPV and if anyone has the ear of Vince McMahon it is Drew McIntyre. Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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