All Elite Wrestling has become a formidable force in the pro wrestling industry since their debut one year ago.

AEW has signed strong talents to their roster to become as competitive as possible and with more big names on the way the future looks bright for All Elite Wrestling.

AEW is looking to break down the ceiling and reach a million viewers with the “Winter Is Coming” episode airing on December, 2nd.

The AEW World Championship Kenny Omega vs Jon Moxley match is the biggest match in AEW history and the promotion is looking to rake in huge numbers for the episode.

AEW Dynamite has only hit a million viewers once in the show’s history and that was on the September, 9th 2020 which was the post “All Out” episode at 1,016,000 million viewers.

AEW officials are looking for the biggest Dynamite episode ever to close out 2020 and many consider this to be similar to the July, 6th 1998 WCW Nitro episode which featured the WCW World Heavyweight Championship Hulk Hogan vs Goldberg match.

That episode of Nitro pulled in a whopping 4.8 million viewers and the Hogan/Goldberg match itself pulled in a massive 6.91 million viewers (nearly 10 million viewers) AEW nor WWE will likely see those type of numbers anytime soon but Omega vs Moxley certainly has the makings to be a special match in AEW Dynamite history.

The “Winter Is Coming” theme is a direct play on the HBO series “Game Of Thrones” which the Khan family and Cody Rhodes are big fans of the series.

If AEW can breakthrough the million mark and stay there and eventually get more fans in attendance Dynamite could rival RAW in ratings by 2022 and overtake their rivals in viewership.

It’s good to see professional wrestling alive and well in 2020 and 2021 looks to be even more explosive. Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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